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On the run sequence on the Nord Stage

Postby Gustavo » 24 Nov 2010, 02:15

here is the On The Run patch I made for the NS, a preview of using it is here:


First of all you must keep the sustain pedal at all times, that is how you latch the sequence.
Experiment around with the synth on the Panel B, the on withthe pulse wave, and try to figure out how the repeating works using the attack and rel/decay of the mod env.
Then just play the notes and make the decay faster. it may go out of tempo a bit, but its not so important.

The synth on panel A is just one made to play one note and just fool around with the controls, moving any of the knobs of the osc group makes it shift the pitch, which is rather cool, but the timbre knob is kinda steppy


On The Run.mp3
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On The Run.nspg
On The Run
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On the run sequence on the Nord Stage


Re: On the run sequence on the Nord Stage

Postby Starless » 25 May 2011, 11:27

thanks man...
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