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Re: Which Amps do you folks like here?

Postby Trifid1958 » 18 Jun 2020, 23:10

Hi all,
one of my customer would like to buy active monitors with a nice sound of piano mainly, but he is drummer too and he has Roland TD25K electronic drum set.
He would like to use something universal for using Nord Stage 3 88 and this electronic drum set together in home for training.. We have tested HH active 12" TESSEN monitor and sound of piano was not clean.
I am thinking about Nord active monitors and add to them some active subwoofer ( there is an output for subbwoofer ) in middle price category ( Yamaha HS 8 is too small I think, whats about dB Technologies SUB 612 A or something like this ?).
For kick ( or for hammond sound ) will be at home 12" speaker good ? Nord unfortunately do not have any subwoofer 10 or 12"...
If you have a good experiences with any different set of 2+1 system for it in similar price, please let me know.
Thank you for your kind help.
Trifid 1958 from Prague :geek:
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Re: Which Amps do you folks like here?



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