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White Grand vs Royal Grand 3D

Postby sussko » 02 Aug 2020, 15:13

I do mostly play jazz on my recently bought NP4 and after a long research I ended up with the White and the Grand 3D as my main piano samples. When I play jazz, it really does'nt matter which one I use since both sound very similar. But when it comes to classical music, I think many differences become quite noticeable. To me, the Royal Grand generally has a more gentle and clean sound while the White has a wider dynamic range and more "tone character". Now I become very picky every time I pick a classical piece since I can never decide which one to choose, sometimes one sounds better than the other for specific pieces but sometimes I just don't know. What are your opinions about this?
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White Grand vs Royal Grand 3D


Re: White Grand vs Royal Grand 3D

Postby Gambold » 02 Aug 2020, 19:35

As with every new grand piano, the Royal Gimmick 3D got a lot of high press when it came out, but it has since faded as we all came to realize that the oldies are still the goodies. For classical, the Grand Lady D is still the one to beat.
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