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Problems With Mainstage (Mac)

Postby Rudney Neves » 22 Jun 2020, 15:09

Hello Guys

Yesterday I tried use my Electro 6D controlling the Mainstage, on Macbook. I found a problem and dont know how to solve this problem, please I need some helps.

Everytime that I change the Instrument, inside the Nord, the MS change to!!! For exemple, I change the Piano bank, the Patch on MS is changing to!!!

I saw, that when you use the knob to change the Piano, in MS the buttom 0 is able. How to cancel this buttom in the MS?

Thank you in advanced.

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Problems With Mainstage (Mac)


Re: Problems With Mainstage (Mac)

Postby maxpiano » 22 Jun 2020, 16:12

Hi, you need to disable Program Change reception from NE6 in Mainstage (Concert level MIDI Settings) and also check all concert level MIDI CCs mappings, to exclude the ones you don't want to be listened to.

PS: this is something to do with Mainstage for any controller/synth you use, not just the NE6, search for some MS tutorial on Youtube for more details about MIDI mapping on Mainstage
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