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Nord Lead A1R power adapter humming

Postby Urknecht123 » 15 Mar 2020, 11:19

:evil: Hi there,
I want to buy a Nord A1Rack. The SELLER said the power adapter would make a small hum. does anyone know the problem? Is that normal? Some power supplies are humming.
Thanks in advance and greetings!
Habe den Text in Englisch geschrieben, wird aber immer in Deutsch ausgespuckt.. sorry!
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Nord Lead A1R power adapter humming


Re: Nord Lead A1R power adapter humming

Postby Schorsch » 15 Mar 2020, 12:09

Hallo, erst einmal willkommen im NUF. Erster Tip: bitte alles auf englisch, das ist die Sprache des Forums. Zu deiner Frage kann ich dir leider keine Antwort geben, aber sicher andere User hier aus der ganzen Welt - sofern sie deine Frage verstehen können ;)

Hi, first of all welcome to NUF. First advice: please use English only which is the official forum language. I can’t answer your question unfortunately but there are other users from around the world who may be able to help - if they are abler to understan your question ;)

Edit: thanks for changing your post into English, this helps a lot getting the right answers
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Regards Schorsch

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Re: Nord Lead A1R power adapter humming

Postby FZiegler » 15 Mar 2020, 14:04

Urknecht123 wrote::evil: Hi there, I want to buy a Nord A1Rack...

Hi Urknecht123 - this quote is in English - even if you read it in German. As well as my answer. We have an automatic translation tool from Google offering translations for all contributions. Maybe, you've activated it.

Your subject title acutally was in German.

Of course, it's at your own risk - I don't like more or less funny misunderstandings via that tool. And have closed that upper line immediately. But it may be useful for some people.

If you search the forum, you will find some mentions of humming power supplies - but that doesn't mean it's normal. It can appear. And is usually not considered as defective. It's a nice guy, your seller, if he mentioned it - because it can be annoying in silent environments.
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Re: Nord Lead A1R power adapter humming

Postby littleboss » 03 May 2020, 12:16

I find it amazing that a 1799 + tax synth would use such a cheap transformer.
I have this hum in my A1 and you can hear it from 10 feet away.
When you work in a silent studio setting, it sounds like you are in one of those dodgy empty restaurants where the industrial fridge is humming from the kitchen.
How can this issue be fixed?
I adore the A1 and its sound, but this hum is really quite an annoyance.
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