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Little All Nord Stage 3 Jam Track

Postby hilbilly parade » 05 Feb 2020, 02:33

Minus the drum track all sounds are from the stage 3
The Bass is available through the link. nord-stage-3-programs-ns3p-ns3pb-files-f32/request-for-hold-the-line-program-t18795.html?hilit=bass#p125791
Piano is Bright Grand XL with few tweaks.
Organ is 8888 with my adjusted Leslie settings.

Jam is 3:01 ( Tried to cut it to 3:05 :crazy: ) nothing fancy just a track for you to pull up your favorite Nord sounds and rip away. 1-4-5 in F .. Play on a sub to get the full bass effect. Nord has a nasty bass if you dial it in... Have Fun
Nord Jam.WAV
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Little All Nord Stage 3 Jam Track


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