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Nord Lead2X Rack

Postby LeftyBass68 » 11 Dec 2019, 22:55

I once had a StageEX with a synth that didn't do as much as the '3' and miss some of it's character.
Would a Lead2X Rack have a similar era (2008-2013) as the StageEX synth?
And does the Lead2X Rack have a decent 'ladder filter' like the StageEX synth?
Lastly,would 400 CA be a good deal for one? Thanks in advance,cheers.
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Nord Lead2X Rack


Re: Nord Lead2X Rack

Postby pablomastodon » 12 Dec 2019, 17:03

and the suggested price is KILLERRR!
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Re: Nord Lead2X Rack

Postby ApolloSynths » 27 Dec 2019, 19:52

I can't imagine the 2XRack would have a ladder filter since the Lead 2X doesn't have one. The 24dB filter it does have is pretty damn good, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily a 'Moogish' filter.
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Re: Nord Lead2X Rack

Postby Quai34 » 30 Dec 2019, 08:17

I have a 2X and I'm suoer gphaopy with it.... But yes, the 24db is not a Mmog filter... I've been hesitated a lot to buy a Moog to get their filter but finally decided that I don't have really the use to fit and the sound of the Moog Samples on my stage 2 works well enough for me for not investing in a Moog....
And I'm a chords guy, cannot decide to buy a Singh that is Mono only.... So, I bought DSI Propeht instead.... But yes, 400 CaN$ which is 300$ USD is suoer good, take it.... There is coma raisin of the Lead in this forum, where a guy was talking about the difference of the Leads from 1 to 4, including the 2 and the 3 of course and said that the lead 2, or 2X was the most Analogika/raw sounding.... I agree, I'm always impressed, anytime I need a raw sound, the lead 2X do it extremely well...
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Re: Nord Lead2X Rack

Postby littleboss » 03 May 2020, 12:18

At 400 canadian dollars it is a steal.
The 2X is the quintessential nord synth.
Some aliasing, but it has the "Nord" sound that has not been duplicated.
The A1 and the 2x are the two best Nord synths ever made imho.
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