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Loud Key Glitch -> NS3 88

Postby SpecialK » 04 Dec 2019, 00:16

Hello Everybody

Did anyone of you recognized that loud key glitch which is shown in the video below ?

Watch on

I think it happend to me while playing at a Gig ..... accidentally....... before I saw that video....... and there I thought it was just in my imagination.
Now I was sitting at my NS3 88 ......... and experience that this bug is really there.
I also have the NS3c .......... there everything is fine. Also playing the NS3 88 over Midi by another Midi Keyboard (Studiologic Numa Nano) .......... there is no problem.

So it seems that the Sensor at the NS3 88 is not reacting in the right way ...... by playing same note that fast. ...... means it is a Hardware Bug :shock:

Would be nice if any of you can confirm this behavior ......... or maybe not. :?:
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Loud Key Glitch -> NS3 88


Re: Loud Key Glitch -> NS3 88

Postby ajstan » 04 Dec 2019, 01:16

Yes, it’s a software bug for the HA88. It’s been posted in the sticky thread for known issues and has been submitted to Clavia. It will likely be addressed after NAMM.
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Re: Loud Key Glitch -> NS3 88

Postby LewTheKeysGuy » 04 Dec 2019, 01:17

it happened on one stage 3 I had here, noticed it within minutes but put up with it, then other issues showed up and it was sent back. hasn't happened since with the new stage 3. it's a bit of a hit and miss bug.

Yep, that video's doing the rounds. The CP88 is a complete turn-off for me. I stopped listening to that video earlier when the comment "the black nord" came out of his mouth. sorry nope not having that. it's a yamaha, feels weird, metal micro toggle switches, nope, that's wrong on so many levels that it may as well be considered "lift music"

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Re: Loud Key Glitch -> NS3 88

Postby pablomastodon » 11 Dec 2019, 20:17

translates to "elevator music" in other parts of the world...
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