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Nord Lead 3 Librarian/Patch Editor for Mac OS - Beta

Postby 23skidoo » 11 Sep 2019, 04:06

Hello everyone.

For those of you with a Nord Lead 3, I've written a native, modern Mac app which behaves very similarly to the modern Nord Sound Manager, but for the Nord Lead 3. I'm ready to offer it to a few beta testers who are willing to be careful and thorough in their testing. If anybody's interested, give me a shout.

Before you ask: it will never be available for Windows, and it's very unlikely to be made for Linux, although I might consider doing one that handles ALL the Nords for Linux, but that's off in the very distant future when I want to give a s*** about either GTK or QT, neither of which interest me right now.
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Nord Lead 3 Librarian/Patch Editor for Mac OS - Beta


Re: Nord Lead 3 Librarian/Patch Editor for Mac OS - Beta

Postby sanderr2 » 11 Oct 2019, 13:19

Yes please! I've got problems transferring sound banks to my Nord Lead 3 - I've tried using the librarian on a PC (I am Mac based); I've tried using Midi OX instead and tweaking the timing settings to values that have worked for another user to no avail!
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