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Postby fieldflower » 09 Sep 2019, 19:56

Whichever is easiest depending on the input of the sound system.
If it's easiest to use a stereo TRS cable, use the headphones out.
It it's easiest to use 2 mono TS cables for Left/Right, use the main outs.

One thing to consider is that it's only the Headphone outs that plays the Monitor in signal.
So if You want to play backing tracks or similar and want them to go out You may want to use the Headphone outs.
And if You want to have monitor in from mixer and use the Headphone out for in-ear it's great to use the man outs instead.
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Postby sweelinck » 09 Oct 2019, 01:10

araro63 wrote:hello fieldflower,
probably this is not a good solution, but I'm thought of connecting the C2 to a soundbar
I think that is a alternative solution, because is yet amplified.
Is easy to transport (!), and we found also to 300 watt of power and is also possible to fix directly on the keyboard stand.
Now I'm try.
What do you think about?
thanks a lot.

Nord keyboards including the C2 have output that is unbalanced, pro line level. Consumer equipment like soundbars for televisions accept consumer line level. Pro line level is a hotter signal and may damage amps with sensitivity for consumer line level. As long as you operate the keyboard gain not to clip the amp it should work fine. There will be a compression of dynamic range, which would matter for some sources, but not for an organ.

The best way to amplify a Nord C2 to fill a space like a church sanctuary would be to use a pair of powered PAs and if you use pedals with a 16’ stop, a powered subwoofer. Electrovoice, JBL, Yamaha, QSC, Mackie, Peavey, and Cerwin-Vega all make products in this space. You will want stands for the PAs to get them off the floor.
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