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Re: Nord Electro 6 HP - Noise hammer mechanism

Postby baekgaard » 12 May 2020, 11:16

Markstreat wrote:Regarding a noisy E6HP keyboard - which has got worse. Does anyone have a guide on how to clean out the keyboard and make it less noisy? I'm out of warranty but worried that I'll break something critical and be in for an expensive repair bill. ....or do I just live with it?

Well... just a few posts above:

Rusty Mike wrote:It is just the nature of the action. Once my instruments were out of warranty I did a fairly exhaustive disassembly and thorough lubrication of the mechanism. It is described in this forum, and I performed this on both an Electro 3HP and my current Stage 2EX 76.

So I guess if you do a search on the forum you can find the post(s) that Rusty Mike did:


Some links here also:



I seem to recall this being documented also with pictures on here, so using a few minutes searching could pay off better than what I did above :-)
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Re: Nord Electro 6 HP - Noise hammer mechanism


Re: Nord Electro 6 HP - Noise hammer mechanism

Postby TJWM23 » 14 Jun 2020, 13:11

HELP I just got a new Nord and when I put it in live mode I lose the 4 high keys am I missing a setting or do I need to send it back
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Re: Nord Electro 6 HP - Noise hammer mechanism

Postby michael_C1 » 29 Jun 2020, 19:04

I went through the opening up/lubricating procedure on my Electro 3HP that RustyMike describes. It did help for a short while, but it didn't last for long, and I felt it wasn't worth the effort. When parts of an HP action come into contact with each other with only some lubricant between the parts to make things quiet, the lubricant eventually gets pushed out and you get noise. Certain lubricants with better adhesion might last longer I suspect.

As has been said, it's a trade off which some are happy with and others aren't. Now that Clavia has licensed a top notch Kawai keybed for the Nord Grand perhaps at some point they'll work something out with Kawai to use the Kawai lightweight ES110 keybed, which is quite good and pretty quiet also, in some Nord products.
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