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Need ears for old nords but can't find it? Here's an idea...

Postby cambe » 27 Jul 2019, 17:14


I recently bought a Nord Rack 2.
And even though the guy said he had the rack ears.
He lost it in the week he sent to me.

So, I was pretty sad about it.

And so far I don't have a workshop...
So to actually make one from blunt metal corners was out of question

As a solution I made rack ears out of galvanized steel metal bands!
And used M4 screws.

It's a very cheap solution to a gargantuan problem, since these old rack ears are nowhere to be found.

You buy the right steel bands they are solid as rock!

Specially since most nord racks have a very centralized mass center.

So this is an idea that worked out really good for me (and have been working flawlessly for weeks!)

The rack stay very solid and no give at all!

nord rack steel band
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Need ears for old nords but can't find it? Here's an idea...


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