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Re: Owners of CPS XL - please advise

Postby saxmaneagle » 29 Aug 2019, 20:46

Update - Last night I got a chance to use the RCF HD10s for an outdoor open mic jam. Placed them on sticks, shoulder height roughly 5 feet behind me, 8 feet apart. Man do those puppies bring it !

At one point (I just had to see) I had them cranked to max, Crystal clear. I expected breakup, distortion, etc...They almost blew my ears off, yet the sound reproduction was exact. I had no mixer as I wanted to try them dry. With a mixer I'm certain I could get them to distort (though I have no reason to ever do so). I am quite pleased with my purchase and have decided to keep them. I do love the QSCs and their additional goodies. Had the RCFs left me wanting in any way shape or form last night, today I'd be exchanging them for the QSCs. I'm going to stick with them now that I've given them an exercise with an outdoor jam (with Guitarist, bass drums and vocals.) We kicked out a few fun standards, so I was able to use APs, EPs and Hammonds to my hearts content. What I have been seeking above all else, is accurate reproduction of APs (and therefore anything electronic.) They work, for me.

Thanks everyone for your input !!
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Re: Owners of CPS XL - please advise


Re: Owners of CPS XL - please advise

Postby cphollis » 30 Aug 2019, 02:10

Well, your experiences have recalibrated mine!

I went and dug up the EQ response curve for the HD-10a Mk4. Mostly flat across the relevant spectrum. A bit hot at the high and low end, but nothing that can't be easily tamed with a bit external EQ. Smooth response everywhere that matters.

128 dB peak SPL, which is more than enough for most situations. Acceptable polar responses across the range. On paper, a competent speaker, even without the menu/mixer doodads. So far, so good. And now you say you like the way your APs sound through them. Very promising ...

Then I started looking at prices. $349 for B-stock in the USA! That's an outrageous bargain. Spend $700 and it looks like you'd get a fine and powerful stereo rig. I can't beat that. Most units in that price range don't even publish detailed specs, but RCF does!

This takes me back to my theory that RCF is getting super-aggressive in the USA market. A few months ago, I bought a pair of RCF EVOX J8s for something like $800 each (B-stock, of course!) and they ended up sounding like $2K+ units after break-in. Serious outdoor PA. An outrageous value in the sound world.

So, rock on with your RCF HD10s -- I think you've found a new option for bargain basement stereo gear that won't hurt your ears with AP. Not likely that I will ever own a pair, though, as I've got more than enough gear these days. I hope RCF starts getting aggressive with their newer TT08-a II units. That's a fine piece of gear.
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