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Electro 2 won’t sustain.

Postby Clonewheels » 11 Jul 2019, 03:56

Hey everyone,

I recently acquired an Electro 2. I got a deal because the sustain jack didn’t work for the previous owner. I figured it would be a simple fix so I jumped on the sale. I first cleaned the sustain jack and tested different pedals, one of them being my friends pedal that I’m positive works well with his electro 2. Checked the polarities and tried both settings on the pedals and the nord operating system with No luck.
I then disassembled the keyboard and re flowed the solder joints of the sustain jack. After that didn’t fix the issue I ordered a new jack and installed as soon as I could. The new jack didn’t make a difference. Everything else with the instrument seems to be working fine. I’m worried this is a problem with the mother board. I inspected 0 cracks or chips in the motherboard while working on it.
I haven’t done a factory reset or OS update. I’m a little nervous to try it as I’ve seen something come up with an old nord not working after an update. I don’t think I have anything to protect me without a warranty if I tried to update.
Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Any certified nord techs out by western Massachusetts?
Thanks in advance
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Electro 2 won’t sustain.


Re: Electro 2 won’t sustain.

Postby maxpiano » 11 Jul 2019, 07:48


I think you did the right steps so far, if still not working then the risk is that the problem is with the ADC (or the circuit track connecting the jack to it, maybe not a big crack but enough to open it).

I suggest you download the Nord Electro 2 Service Manual and Schematics from this forum downloads, you are experienced enough it will help you to analyze the circuit, spot the potential faulty chip/track and attempt to fix it.
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Re: Electro 2 won’t sustain.

Postby pterm » 11 Jul 2019, 22:22

As maxpiano suggested, get the schematics and follow the signal path from J7 (Sustain Pedal jack) to the microprocessor (U8). Use a multimeter to measure the voltages between devices and determine where you measure a voltage change when you depress the pedal (and where it disappears) to isolate the failed component.
Let us know what you find and if you have any questions - or need help interpreting your findings.
Hopefully it's not the microprocessor pin itself. Best case, it's the filter cap "F7".
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