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Your piano programs

Postby Olltsu » 10 Jul 2019, 18:02

Hey! I'm curious to what kind of piano programs everyone keeps on their Nords (Stage, Electro, Piano or Grand). Do you have one basic piano patch that you use for everything or do you have different piano programs for different situations?

I've been using mainly one piano patch that I've adjusted for different situations but now I'm considering just creating multiple patches for home playing, for solo gigs, for pop-piano songs and for general band music etc

What things do you take into consideration when creating patches for different situations?
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Your piano programs


Re: Your piano programs

Postby cphollis » 10 Jul 2019, 22:08

I probably have 40 or so different piano voices that I use. There's so much variability available, so I'd encourage you to explore.

- solo vs. ensemble vs. electric band
- mono vs. stereo, FOH vs. stage sound
- layered vs. straight piano
- subtle effects (reverb, chorus, etc)
- and then all the different acoustic piano samples
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Re: Your piano programs

Postby Rusty Mike » 10 Jul 2019, 22:40

After years of owning Nord keyboards and experimenting with almost all of the samples over time, I've brought it down to two grands and an upright: White Grand, Amber Upright and Silver Grand. I've adjusted the EQ and other parameters to get a solid basic sound through the speakers I use the most (QSC K8.2's) and saved the programs. At the rehearsal/gig, I will tweak to suit the room as needed. I find that these three pianos cover every situation I encounter and please my ear the most.

This simple approach allows me to just make the music and not fiddle with what sample to use, etc. It also keeps things simple - all my piano programs are a button click from one another. I'm never hunting through the programs for a sound.

I have a similar approach to the EPs as well. I use mostly EP2 (Model I Suitcase) and Nefertiti. Again, the EQ, compression, etc. is adjusted for my overall liking and then I tweak to taste on the spot. Those two pianos pretty much cover anything I need a Rhodes sound for. I will pull out the Wurly from time to time, but it's rather rare.
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Re: Your piano programs

Postby fieldflower » 10 Jul 2019, 23:19

I basically use the same program for piano, but change the sample to whatever I like in that moment.
The program setting is no EQ, a little reverb, no other effects, long release and resonance on, and then it's just the different piano samples that makes the difference.

My primary need for different programs is if I need to layer or switch fast to something else, I may combine the piano with organ or samples to fit whatever I need for the song.
But in all those the basic piano settings is always the same...
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Re: Your piano programs

Postby Gambold » 11 Jul 2019, 15:54

I'm like Rusty - I've tried, and obsessed on, all the different Nord piano options, but I've found that just having a few forces me to focus on more important things, like learning new chops. I currently have the White, Bright and Imperial Grands, and the Amber Upr for my main playing. I also have the Saloon and Honky on there for laughs, but I almost never play them. I haven't been playing the Imperial much since they released the White - if I need more room I'll probably pull it. The Bright is on for band work, it still cuts through the best, for me.

For EPs I've been grooving on the Ondre J EP selections. His ability to understand and use the various configuration options far exceeds mine, so using them has helped me understand how to build my own EP sound. I especially like the Corea and the Tea Phaser. I never play the Wurli, I think it sounds murky, but I might if they update it like they did the Rhodes samples. ... nature-eps
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Re: Your piano programs

Postby twofarmers » 12 Jul 2019, 03:59

After working through the grands and spending way too much time on the details, I decided the Royal 3d with bright mode works best for live performance. The brightness cuts through the clutter, most of the time. I am currently debating on the string resonance for live performance, which seems to add a distortion to the FOH that is irritating...tony
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