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Re: New piano White Grand released

Postby cleito » 13 Jun 2019, 20:53

I have a NS2 sw73 and notice some keys that are sounding a little bit different from others.
I'm using the med version.
The keys sound like with more ambience or with the mic closer.
The keys are D2 D#2 E2 and there are some others that depends on the dynamic of playing above C4 that sound a little different too.
Can someone else confirm this?
The piano is nice, have to try it with the band.

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Re: New piano White Grand released


White Grand e1 noise?

Postby Papamotif » 15 Jun 2019, 10:04

Downloaded the White Grand and played along for a while..... is the some kind of noise (reflection....) on the e1? Tried both XL and L version and it´s there on both!

I´m using my NE6 HP
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