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Organising Sounds NE5D

Postby nelson157 » 03 May 2019, 18:53

Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum but I have been playing with the Nord Electro 5D for the last year.

I have been using the preset sounds and created a setlist for the band I am touring with which has pretty much served me really well during the last tour.
So I just got into creating my own board of sounds by downloading sounds I like.
But I can't transfer the sounds to my keyboard because there is no storage room.

Therefor my question: I am a little bit of a 'start-from-scratch' kinda gal and I am wondering if it makes any sense to delete all the preset sounds and just install what I want on the keyboard. Does that make any sense or would it be a complete disaster?

It would be great if you could give me your opinion on this.

Cheers, Nelson
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Organising Sounds NE5D


Re: Organising Sounds NE5D

Postby ACCORDIONMAN » 07 May 2019, 20:24

Not sure if you are using Sound Manager - but I would think you could use that to organise the sounds you want on the computer.

First step would be to create a full backup using the Sound Manager program. You can always restore your 5D back to where you started from.

Maybe then delete any samples you don't use, and see if you now have enough free space. Good luck - from another 5D owner!
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Re: Organising Sounds NE5D

Postby shmuelyosef » 07 Oct 2019, 22:08

nelson157 wrote:Hi guys,
I am wondering if it makes any sense to delete all the preset sounds and just install what I want on the keyboard. Does that make any sense or would it be a complete disaster?

I have owned Electro 2 (gone now), Electro 3HP (my 'roadie') and Electro 6HP (for the studio) and that is the only sensible way to go IMHO

I would suggest that you carefully audition all the sounds that you might be interested in, download them to a computer directory (in all file sizes...) and start from there. This includes samples. Don't download anything that you don't think you will ever use as it just clutters things up...(although I personally keep a full up-to-date file of all the sounds on my studio server)

There is a big tradeoff between the number of different sounds you have on your board and the quality of the sounds. e.g. maybe you need a piano sound...perhaps you can find one piano sound that you like better than the others and can imagine that as "Your Signature Sound" for piano and load it at the highest depth. Similarly, do you need all of the Rhodes and Wurli sounds...maybe one Wurli and two Rhodes covers your needs when paired with the onboard effects. Make a spreadsheet of your 'wish list' after listening to the sounds with some priority assessment (e.g. 1-best, 2-good, 3-maybe want) and look carefully at your memory budget. Then use Nord Sound Manager to arrange these sensibly, use ALL your memory wisely in priority order, and then "don't look back"...just use your first pass for a while. As you get used to what you have chosen and play a bunch, you will change your mind on a few. It's easy to back up your current performance set and subtract/add a few sounds...keep the focus on quality (i.e. high sample definition) for sounds that will be your mainstay and use the lower quality versions for the 'nice to have' sound types (e.g. DX7 piano...)

Do the same thing with the Sample you have no flexibility with size of files so it is just about choosing the important ones to have in your board.

Since I have two boards with differing memory amounts and different utilization, I set them up quite differently.

For the Electro 3HP (performance board), I tend to choose a small number of "Piano Bank" sounds of the highest quality (i.e. Large) grand, one electric grand, one upright, a good set of Rhodes (my performance board used to be my 1973 Fender-Rhodes Stage 73 which now is permanently stationed in the studio), a Wurli or two, a full set of Clavs and that about does it. I review this maybe once a year, but when performing, I have a patch bank for each Voice-Sample Set (i.e. for my grand piano I have a bank with FOUR different patches that include EQ, Reverb, for each Rhodes it is a patch with voice-specific settings for Reverb, Chorus, Phase, and Amp, etc...). That way I know where everything is and I print a table out and tape it to the keyboard so I can just grab the right sound instantly. I keep maybe a dozen organ patches (all 3, Vox, B3, Farfisa). I have a few favorite samples (Fretless bass, some of the classic synths, although I have a few of the actual synths that I occasionally drag) and that's it.

For the 6HP, I have a different strategy, since it is always in the studio wired into my DAW and keyboard submixer so it is easy. I generally have 5 or 6 "Full Sets" that are backed up and stored, and load whatever is appropriate for the project I'm working on. Some are heavy on 'legit' pianos, some are all about electric pianos, others are about percussion and special effects, and so on. I keep one that is like a general purpose set for practice and jam sessions. My synths mostly live in the studio and I use the same strategy...I manage the "current patch set" from software storage...particularly for the big polysynths where I have several 'banks' that I can load up.

While this is not 'the answer' to your question, I thought that it might help yourself and others who are new to this question of patch management. The sad thing is that we have to do this at all...I continue to be a bit frustrated with Nord and the stingy amount of memory that they provide. I realize that they use a special design, but it would be nice if they would give us empty slots that we can fill up when we get a little more money!
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