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Nord Lead 3 vs 2EX synth module

Postby asleg » 25 Apr 2019, 10:48


Can anyone shed some light on the sonic differences between the Lead 3 and the synth module in the Nord Stage 2EX?

Thanks in advance! :)

Asle :)
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Nord Lead 3 vs 2EX synth module


Re: Nord Lead 3 vs 2EX synth module

Postby alcools » 25 Apr 2019, 19:21

More modulations on the NL3 (LFO, morph possibilities), ADSR envelopes (amp and filter), 4 slots, but any effects.

The NS2 (and ex) synth is very basic, but includes Wav and samples, and the effets of the NS2.

All lots of other differences (polyphony....)
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Re: Nord Lead 3 vs 2EX synth module

Postby 23skidoo » 25 Apr 2019, 22:05

The Lead 3 is the most different from all Nord Leads and Stage Synths. It has a radically different oscillator configuration including a lot of FM modes, DFM, etc., a completely reworked filter subsection including multi-filters and pseudo-comb/peak/notch/shelf combinations. It also has more and different morph options (morph by note, especially). The NL3 also has encoders and not pots, which snap to the position they have in any preset. Pots are out of sync every time you change preset and require manual resetting.

All Stage synth sections from the Stage classic up to the most recent Stage 3 are highly limited synthesizers, albeit with a few neat twists that make them unique in their own way. Sample oscillators, expanded single cycle waveforms, and a UI optimized for rapid sound creation (although not very optimal for precise sound shaping) are their highlights.

It's not really possible to shed light on "sonic differences" because they're nowhere near the same synth or synth architecture. You might as well say "what are the sonic differences between a Minimoog and a DX7"... They're suited for very different sonic landscapes, although there is some basic crossover even in that area they'll each have a unique and different set of limitations and capabilities compared to the other. The NL3 can do far more, but the Stage has a faster workflow and the ability to play samples, for instance.

Try to comprehend the differences between the NL2/4 and the NLA1, for instance, and you'll see that even though those are fairly similar architectures there are still wide ranges of sound that neither can replace in the other, and even when they crossover there are fundamental differences that can be identified. Neither sounds generally better (you can't universally say the NL3 is 'thin' or 'digital', nor that the Stage synth is 'limited'... these definitions apply only within strict boundaries and for specific purposes and are entirely inaccurate as soon as you move the target). Neither synth will effectively clone anything else, either. Don't expect the Stage to be a Minimoog, an Arp, a Jupiter 8, a Juno 60, etc. Don't expect the NL3 to be any of those or a DX7 either. They're their own thing, they have their own sound, and while both of them will usually get "close enough" for a passable attempt at another sound, they'll always have their own thing going (which is good - they're not meant to be synth clones, they're meant to be instruments in their own right).

I love my NL3, it's not replaceable by any of the other Nords, but neither does it replace any of them, or my Prophet or any of my other synths. I reach for it when the sounds it makes, and the workflow it offers, are what I'm looking for, or if I want something deeply complex I can't approach using the tools on other boards, etc. I reach for my NLA1 when I'm rapidly creating sounds or experimenting more playfully, and I reach for the Stage synth when I want to layer basic but rich synth sounds with other keyboard instruments.
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Re: Nord Lead 3 vs 2EX synth module

Postby Spider » 27 Sep 2019, 15:18

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