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Re: iPad App

Postby Quai34 » 17 Apr 2019, 01:42

+1 on Bandhelper and this too:
Their customer service is great, they reply very fast, they do regular follow up, they ask before cancelling a ticket, I've never seen such a good service anywhere....
I use the midi features a lot, with several midi changes per songs, attached or paired with a first midi program change and even with Hexadecimal and Control change too....
I use it with 16 channels sending infos on all of the synths/module, I use it for click track for my drummer and all the band has every songs and charts available, they could even customiized it and decided which one they need among the different chats that I provide to them...
Great Apps, great service, bugs solved within a week max....
I've been "fighting" for not having a computer on stage and I can do that with Bandhelper....
The date base website is also awesome, all synchronized to their server so, even if you have to restart your Ipad as a new one after a big problem, everything is available again without doing anything....
Ok, it took me time, I started to use them in 2014 with set list maker but I don't regret it at all....

My next step is to get an Ipad 12.9 and to get rid of all the books that I have and to buy a Bluetooth pedal to switch it with my foot,,, but now, it's too small for my eyes so, I still have my book.... But once this will be done, I will be using it with almost 80% of all the features...and still no computer on stage....
Even just two iPads, the new one 12.9 and the old one, synchronized so, if one has an issue, I will still have all the infos with the same order, Setlist, songs etc...
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