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Soundbar instead of Studio Monitor ???

Postby iPractise » 11 Apr 2019, 10:49

Hi fellow Nord pianist! :D

My first Nord, the NP4 is arriving soon to my home, and I am looking for an optimal way to amplify it, acoustically and aesthetically.

I know the Nord Piano Monitor has just been announced, and it seemed to be a perfect fit, but I just don't like its design. :?

Instead, I am thinking of getting a soundbar within the range of $250-$400, and place it behind the NP4, on the same table which is dedicated to the keyboard.

Will this setup be a huge compromise to the sound quality?
At the same price point, how would a pair of studio monitor and soundbar compare?

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Soundbar instead of Studio Monitor ???


Re: Soundbar instead of Studio Monitor ???

Postby NoDirection » 11 Apr 2019, 13:10

I guess a matching subwoofer under your sofa would complement the soundbar. A soundbar is not much punch for the lower octaves... But I have had the same thoughts in my living room. I am using a pair of Yamaha HS7 shared with the TV today. Sounds good, but you need to sit between them to get the best sound
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Re: Soundbar instead of Studio Monitor ???

Postby maxpiano » 11 Apr 2019, 13:27

A TV Soundbar is not designed to be a "nearfield" monitor/speaker, such as for example the Yamaha HS7 are (which is why viceversa they are not suitable for distance listening).

If the objective is personal listening while playing, my suggestion is to go for nearfield (studio) monitors
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Re: Soundbar instead of Studio Monitor ???

Postby st2ex » 11 Apr 2019, 23:17

many soundbars have a digital signal processing which could result in a hearable latency.
You press a key and the sound comes a bit later.

Check ahead of buying.

Kind regards,

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