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NE5 MIDI splits and layers

Postby dkernohan » 13 Feb 2019, 17:06

I have what I think is a fairly common use case - both at home and for gigs I have my NE5D sat on top of a weighted controller keyboard and connected via MIDI. I want to control the sounds in two separate ways:

1. Split - for example having a piano sound played via the controller keyboard, and a string sound played via the NE5D keyboard
2. Layered - for example having the same two sounds (eg a piano sound layered with strings) layered together on both keyboards.

I can do the split functionality via the Upper Receive function - when the keyboard split function is activated I can play the piano on the upper part via my controller, and strings on the lower part via the NE5D keyboard. (let's leave aside that the upper sound is on the bottom [controller] and the lower sound is on the top [NE5D] for the moment - that's a pain but in most cases I can deal with that)


But if I turn the split function off I get: NE5D keyboard = piano plus strings, Controller keyboard = piano. To get the layer on my weighted controller I need to turn on global MIDI, which lets the controller act in exactly in the same way as the NE5D keyboard. This gives me piano plus strings on both keyboards, which is me happy.


So far so good. But for various tunes I want to be able to switch between these two modes - for example piano plus strings on the controller in the intro and verse, piano on the controller and strings on the NE5D in the chorus, or suchlike.

As far as I can tell this can't be done without diving in to the MIDI menu during the song - even if I use separate programmes and just switch between the two.

This feels like such an obvious and natural thing to want to do that there surely must be a way to do it, but having experimented and read the manual pages I can't see how.

My desired behaviour would be:

SPLIT MODE off - Controller and NE5D keyboards play piano plus strings
SPLIT MODE on - Controller (upper) has the piano, NE5D (lower) has the strings.

Any pointers? Thanks in advance - I'm so sure I'm missing something obvious...
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NE5 MIDI splits and layers


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