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Extern Section

Postby MarcusNord1 » 14 Jan 2019, 14:33


I have a nord stage classic and I want to use the extern section to control a zoom rhythmtrak (drum machine). The only thing I want to control is the changing of sounds in beetween songs. I don't want to play the drums on my nord, i only want to be able to change the drum sounds in beetween songs.

I have red both manuals and tried evertything. Anyone who can guide me through this?

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Extern Section


Re: Extern Section

Postby jocks1 » 14 Jan 2019, 22:42

Hi Marcus, have you activated extern control on nord panel, set it to program change mode?
have you set up same midi channel for extern and the drum machine, connected midi out from Stage Classic to midi in on your drum machine?
Set extern midi mode to "global" and NOT to "program", otherwise you need to do this setup for every program ;-)
hope this helps you out :-)
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