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Toggling between Nord Samp Lib. and Nord as MIDI Controller

Postby Caro_L_K » 13 Jan 2019, 22:06

Hi all!

I play an Electro 4 HP and up until recently, have just been using it with the original provided sounds and some downloaded sounds in my Sample Library.

I'm now using my Electro as a MIDI Controller using MainStage 3 for live shows as my bandmate made samples that I can only use through MainStage (as far as I can tell.)

We have a big show coming up and I really need to figure out how to use both the Nord-specific sounds that are currently on my Electro as well as the sampled MainStage sounds.

My questions are:

- Is there a way to convert the Nord sample files (.nsmp) to MainStage-compatible files (.cst)? (I'm assuming this type of conversion isn't possible since Nord sounds are encrypted from my understanding.) The goal would be to just have my sounds all in the same place, in this case, on MainStage.

- Is there a way to do the opposite of the above and convert the .cst files to .nsmp files I can import into my Sample Library?

- What would be the easiest way to toggle between using my Electro as usual with the provided Sample Library sounds and as a MIDI Controller? I need to be able to do this pretty seamlessly throughout the set. I'm in the process of buying a small M-AUDIO interface that I'm hoping could help with this.

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Toggling between Nord Samp Lib. and Nord as MIDI Controller


Re: Toggling between Nord Samp Lib. and Nord as MIDI Control

Postby anotherscott » 13 Jan 2019, 23:13

Mainstage has a sampling function, you could sample your Nord synth library sounds into it... don't expect perfection, but it might give you what you need. You can also sample Mainstage sounds to put them in the Nord, but the limitations are even more severe as the Nord has limited space and doesn't permit switching to different samples at different velocities. But again, you might get something good enough for your needs. If your bandmate can supply his original samples in wav format, that could be a huge timesaver.

Easiest way to not hear the Nord when you just want to hear Mainstage is turn the volume off on the Nord. Stopping the Nord from sending MIDI to Mainstage when you don't want it to can be done with this... http://www.midi-up.com/products/midi-kill-switch/

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