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Searching for list of factory programs content

Postby unifaun » 12 Jan 2019, 17:55

I have some some factory programs that have missing sounds or samples.

Unfortunately NordSoundManager does not show which sounds/samples are missing. Does anybody have a clue for me?
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Searching for list of factory programs content


Re: Searching for list of factory programs content

Postby 23skidoo » 12 Jan 2019, 18:15

It can't show which are missing because it no longer has a link to them. Did you delete the samples or sounds without swapping them out?

You can take a full backup of your current setup, then reload the factory pack and take note of which samples which patches need, or you can selectively reload your custom stuff on top of the factory restore (might be faster, depending on how many patches/samples you're talking about).

If you simply want to, say, swap the old EPs for the new ones, you can "substitute" one sound for another which will conveniently re-link all patches which utilize the original sound to the new replacement, upload the replacement sound, and free the space used by the original sound all it one go, much easier than trying to do it all manually.

And next time, before you delete a sample or sound, you can see the list of programs which use it on the right hand sidebar.
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