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REAL Newbie (Electro 6) needs a push-start. . .

Postby AnthonyBoughen » 10 Dec 2018, 00:08

'They' say that there are never any dumb questions, so here goes. This is my first Nord; I have owned most other makes of keys. I have a Korg Krome as well, and I want to midi it with the Nord so I can have split sounds on both key levels and then be able to press a button which sets up the whole thing (sound layers, splits and midi control) for the next song. I've done this before with Korgs.
The question is, if the Nord comes already with sound layers, which I definitely want to use, how do I set it up with midi channels to be able to have, for example, fours different split and/or layered sounds on both keyboards? The manual gives good basic instruction, yet I need a starting point; I'm wracking my brain trying to figger out how to go about this. Do I need to initialize a couple of banks and start from scratch; just go ahead and program it the way I want?. . .but I don't want to lose the factory layers that are already in there. . .I need a starting point from an expert who understands my issue here. Help is much appreciated. Thanks, Tony
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REAL Newbie (Electro 6) needs a push-start. . .


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