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Stage 3 - losing volume error - help!

Postby Stupic » 08 Dec 2018, 12:35


Had my beautiful Stage 3 since April. Last couple of months I've had instances where sound level has suddenly dropped dramatically during a gig, it will return to normal after twiddling knobs in a panic.

Recently found that if I turn master level to max and back again quickly this nearly always solves it. I've tried different leads, same issue, and it happens randomly on any program I'm using. Very intermittent, plenty of gigs where it doesn't happen, but it still does it now and again.

Any help please!!??!!

Still under warranty, but as working musician cant afford to be without keyboard unless absolutely necessary.....

Hope someone can help here..

Thanks in advance

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Stage 3 - losing volume error - help!


Re: Stage 3 - losing volume error - help!

Postby Michldigital » 08 Dec 2018, 13:32

Sounds like a Defekt of Dirty Volume Poti.
Had the same Long Time ago with a Fantom X6.
Maybe You can try to clean it.
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