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Re: Nord Piano 4 Sound Quality

Postby TeeGee72 » 22 Nov 2018, 15:54

Hi Jonathan,

Could you please check the topic I started a while ago on this forum? I wrote it a little while ago... The topic is called: very noisy grand piano on NP4 (or something like that...)

I guess you might recognise some things. Please feel free to let me know if that is the case. Maybe we are talking about the same thing...?

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Re: Nord Piano 4 Sound Quality


Re: Nord Piano 4 Sound Quality

Postby SteveNordP3 » 25 Nov 2018, 17:53

There’s a lot to be said for signal path and eq as well. Here’s an interesting video in a studio situation. The principles are the same with live sound. Use your ears and see what you can do. I played with some eq and comp settings on my NP3 and Bose system after listening in headphones and remembering how great they sounded - the open speakers sound can’t be that intimate but I was able to get some subtle tweaks that made me even happier. See if this is of any help and let us know how things are going! https://youtu.be/F-G2DokTeIU
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