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System transpose

Postby afrk61 » 10 Nov 2018, 00:25

Hi to everybody,

I'm a new ns3 user, 76hp version

I was looking at the general features of the instrument and I realized that in the system menu, GLOBAL TRANSPOSE has a +/- 6semitones range

Is there any reason for this limitation?

Would be better to have +/-12

Any chance to have it in future upgrades?
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System transpose


Re: System transpose

Postby analogika » 10 Nov 2018, 01:53

The point of transpose is to adjust to somebody else's range by switching to a different tonic.

+/- 6 semitones gives you a full octave, which is every tonic in existence.

Play an octave up or down, or use the octave switches for the individual engines, to adjust your tones to the preferred regions.
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Re: System transpose

Postby baekgaard » 10 Nov 2018, 13:06

If you need to transpose more, all parts have individual octave transpose keys, so you can basically do what you want (although it may take a few more keystrokes). You can save those with the programs too. I recon there might be situations where you could have wanted to transpose existing programs "on the fly", but I guess this would be to play e.g. prima vista from a Eb score or something?
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Re: System transpose

Postby Bio Floyd » Yesterday, 07:05

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