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Tom Misch "Crazy Dream"

Postby WannitBBBad » 28 Sep 2018, 04:32

A request from stefmazurier - I put this together for the keyboard part in Crazy Dream
I haven't had the opportunity to program a synth sound that "bends up" until now - the approach includes:
a) setting the MOD ENV ATTACK about 4 (it adjusts how quickly you want the sound to glide up to the final note).
b) setting the MOD ENV DECAY all the way up to hold the final note (otherwise it will glide back down to the beginning note or pitch)
b) setting OSC2 for the beginning note (set at 8 to glide up 4 semitones)
c) setting the Modulation MOD ENV to about 7 - it is adjusted as needed to reach the final note (must compare against another sound to make sure it's in tune).

The chords are played left of the split and the solo synth is right of the split. The Control Pedal is set to control the volume of the solo synth and the Mod Wheel set to increase the FREQ is a little more brightness is desired for both. Take care
TM Crazy Dream W.ns3f
Program for Tom Misch "Crazy Dream" with polyphonic voices split left, mono voice split right, with Mod Wheel covering filter FREQ, and Control Pedal covering volume for mono synth
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 61 times

Programs, MP3 examples, and links to many others
MP3 of Program TM Crazy Dream W.mp3
MP3 example of the program "TM Crazy Dream W"
(539.95 KiB) Downloaded 345 times
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Tom Misch "Crazy Dream"


Re: Tom Misch "Crazy Dream"

Postby stefmazurier » 28 Sep 2018, 22:34

Super, je comprends de mieux en mieux la partie Synthèse du NS3 grâce à toi, le son est vraiment ressemblant, merci pour ton aide, BRAVO !!!
N'hésite pas à poster d'autres manipulations pour les sons. On apprend tous les jours !!
Si tu as envie de trouver un autre son et de l'offrir à nous tous, je te propose le son Lead
que j'adore du solo de Cory Henry sur son KING KORG à 18 secondes :
Merci pour ton aide et tes compétences.
A bientôt

Super, I understand better and better part Synthesis NS3 thanks to you, the sound is really like, thank you for your help, BRAVO!
Do not hesitate to post other manipulations for sounds. We learn every day !!
If you want to find another sound and offer it to us all, I offer you the sound Lead
I love Cory Henry's solo on his KING KORG at 18 seconds:
Thank you for your help and your skills.
See you soon
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