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Individual Sustain via Sustenuto pedal

Postby TimGadget » 04 Sep 2018, 21:06

hi I love this function in the Piano 3, and seems to be missing on the spec sheet for the Piano 4, if so I think this is a real shame and hope others feel the same way to flag this to NORD
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Individual Sustain via Sustenuto pedal


Re: Individual Sustain via Sustenuto pedal

Postby baekgaard » 05 Sep 2018, 13:11

Is the NP3 Sostenuto function different to how a normal Sostenuto pedal works? The NP4 does support Sostenuto, so whatever keys you hold down with your fingers will continue to sound when you press and hold Sostenuto (but not others you play later) -- is the NP3 doing this differently?
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Re: Individual Sustain via Sustenuto pedal

Postby PScooter63 » 06 Sep 2018, 05:06

I was curious about this as well... according to the P3 manual, the sostenuto pedal had multiple modes.

MIDDLE PEDAL MODE can be set to Sostenuto, Synth Sustain or Synth Sustain+Latch.
The Synth Sustain setting lets the middle pedal operate as a dedicated sustain pedal for the sample synth section. Synth Sustain+Latch allows the middle pedal to sustain a note or chord on the sample synth while ignoring any new keyboard input, the Piano operating as usual. Default value is Sostenuto.

There’s no mention of this in the P4 manual.
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Re: Individual Sustain via Sustenuto pedal

Postby norbinello » 29 Jan 2019, 17:35

I love and often use the middle pedal Synth Sustain+Latch function in NP3. I got a reply from our official Nord distributor that this functions is missing from NP4. I'm considering to purchase a Nord Piano 4 for our band, so it's a very pivotal question in our decision.
Do you know if it's possible to do the same thing with NP4 maybe in another way? (I mean: holding the sample Synth sounds but stopping new notes with the middle pedal while playing additional notes on the piano section)
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