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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby pryan » 31 Dec 2018, 16:12

I built myself a dual-manual electro, as I gave up dreaming/waiting. I features waterfall keybeds top and bottom, but it does mean I can mix organ and EP/Piano sounds top and bottom (thanks to the capability of the E5D). I've gigged with it for over a year now, and it's held up very well and means I have every option at my fingertips!

I think Nord need to consider this in some form in the future...their answer to the SK range, as Hammond really haven't quite got it sussed, particularly in the Piano department. Should I go into business manufacturing these lower manuals for Nord Electro users!?

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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?


Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby Rob Millis » 27 Jan 2019, 22:27

motomike1961 wrote:Rob Mills,
where on earth did you get that picture of a potential dual-manual Electro?? Did you photoshop that or is it a real pic?
This would be a dream set-up for me as I need an organ interface and high-quality AP's/EP's and Synths.
Thanks Mike

Not even as grand as Photoshop! Apple "Preview"!

I expect the C2D successor will lean more towards an dual manual Electro. It'll have to - they can't call it a f**king C3!!!! And it'll need to loosen its grip on the purist market - the Legend Live has won that battle; just look at it - and go for the Hammond SK series as has been said elsewhere.

One element that is missing from all recent 2 drawbar set clones is the ability to call either set up from either manual. I don't know why; we've had this before as the (digital) Korg BX3/CX3 did this beautifully. You had set 1 and set 2 and they weren't upper or lower prescribed, you could select either one on either manual. An 'Electro Duo' would really benefit from this: to have the facility to run non-organ sounds on one manual but still be able to toggle between both sets of drawbars on the other, as you can on a B3 manual, would have my credit card out my pocket in 30 secs flat.

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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby Frantz » 28 Jan 2019, 20:24

Eventually the C3D could have a piano section, and
it would be possible to play it on the two manuals.

Evenutally the C3D could also be a slightly modified NS3 with two manuals.
A mobile app to display chord names while you play, using midi / bluetooth connection.
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