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Nord Piano 3 Won't Start

Postby pianokid1 » 16 Aug 2018, 02:44

I've had my NP3 for less than a week, everything has worked great up until today. I was playing AP with headphones, L/R audio cables, and a sustain pedal plugged in and suddenly the sound cut out and the LED screen froze. None of the buttons or knobs affected the screen. I powered it off and tried turning it on again but nothing happened. I tried unplugging everything including the pedal since I read that some people have seen issues with pedals causing things to freeze. Eventually it started up again but froze when the loading bar was about 40% complete. I tried turning it off and on but it hasn't started again since. I've tried switching outlets, power cycling, unplugging and re-plugging, etc. but nothing works.

I will contact Clavia about this but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what might be the problem here.

UPDATE: The distributor simply told me to exchange it for a new one as I am still within the 30 day return period.
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Nord Piano 3 Won't Start


Re: Nord Piano 3 Won't Start

Postby casper1978 » 05 Nov 2018, 13:40

Hi, I start to see the same issues with my NP3. Normally I can play with no issues for a while, then suddenly out of the blue something happens and the sound are gone ? Sometimes the LED screen freeze and sometimes it dosn'et but the sound will not come back until I switch the piano on/off again. Again it depends if its possible or not. Sometimes I can't switch it back on again. I wait for maybe 20 min I then it starts up again ? So what did you do with your NP3 to get it fixes ?

Kind regards Casper
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