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Stage 3 display and bank issue

Postby peteques » 12 Aug 2018, 00:05

Hi all,
Sorry if this is a stupid newbie question but can I ask a couple of things. Sometimes on my Stage 3 on the top line of the Program display - after the bank number there is sometimes an "E" - what is this please? Also what is the lowest bank/program number? When I turn on my Stage 3, it defaults at A:11 but in this video -

the display shows A:01 eg see 2mins37. Which is correct pls?
Thx for any help, Pete
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Stage 3 display and bank issue


Re: Stage 3 display and bank issue

Postby Hervshahn » 12 Aug 2018, 00:33

The „E“ means that the program which is currently selected has been edited - means that something has changed after it has been selected, like for example the drawbar settings of the organ, some effects, volume of the piano and all other things which can be changed. This shall remind you that the changes have not been saved yet, it will disappear after you either save the program with the new settings or you select the program again with the old settings.

Re. program numbers: with OS 1.40 the banks and numbering of programs has changed by introducing a new numeric pad mode. Banks go from A to P now and programs are now numbered 11-15, 21-25, 31-35, 41-45 and 51-55 for each bank. This has been different before and I think what you have seen in the video is the old numbering in page based mode. The order of the programs has not been changed:

Nord Stage 3 - Update History
v1.40 (2018-04-10)
A new Numeric Pad mode is introduced as an optional way of navigating within a program bank. In Numeric Pad mode two presses on the Program 1-5 buttons are used for navigating to any of the 25 programs within the current bank. The program selection mode used – the default Page Based mode, or Numeric Pad – is determined on page 2 of the System Menu. Here are some additional notes:
In Numeric Pad mode the Page buttons switch between banks.
The Program dial can be used for switching programs incrementally, just as in Page Based mode.
Program Selection mode does not affect Song Mode or Live program selection.
A “num” symbol in the top right corner of the display indicates that Numeric Pad navigation is active.
In order to facilitate the optional Numeric Pad program selection mode (see above), the program bank structure of the Nord Stage 3 has been modified so that banks now contain 25 programs (5 program pages):
The programs within each bank are numbered 11-15, 21-25, 31-35, 41-45 and 51-55.
The total number of Program banks is 16, labeled A-P
The total number of program locations is still 400
The order in which programs are placed on the Nord Stage 3 is not altered by this update, and Song lists will remain intact.
Note: Nord Sound Manager v7.28 or later is required for compatibility with Nord Stage 3 OS v1.40.
The specification for bank size (Program, Song, Synth Preset) over MIDI has been changed. One MIDI LSB bank now addresses as many Nord Stage 3 banks (Program, Song, Synth Preset) as it can fit. As a result, the first 5 program banks (A-E) on the Nord Stage 3 are all reached with a Bank LSB value of 0, the next group of 5 banks (F-J) with Bank LSB 1 etc.
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Re: Stage 3 display and bank issue

Postby peteques » 12 Aug 2018, 10:02

Hi Hervshahn, Thanks so much for your clear and concise reply - that has really helped. You went into loads of detail and I really appreciate it.
Thanks Pete
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