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Nord Stage 3 + Nektar Pacer Midi Footswitch Controllor

Postby AdamStage2 » 10 Aug 2018, 12:43

Hi Guys

Not sure if anyone else is using one of these but for me this is a must have for those of you who play live and thought I'd give some of you a pointer towards looking at one,rather than perhaps just using a switch to select programs up/down,I'm sure many of you probably may use some form of Footswitch option or a midi controller for controlling some aspect of the Nord Stage already,this is a new Foot controller that has come available this year and I'm well impressed with it.

I've just purchased one and must say its a fabulous alternative to using a switch combo on the new socket for selecting program changes from a footswitch,it can do all this plus control every aspect of the Nord Stage 3(Or any other Nord or brand of keyboard for that matter)that can be controlled via Midi CC's RPN/NRPN,so you can program the Nektars controls to switch FX on and off and control all the parameters from the Foot switches/Pedals,it also allows you to switch between Live/Song modes via your Foot this has been invaluable for me of late,it also takes 2 Expression type Foot pedals and 2 Switches so you can further expand the controls,its a doodle to program and setup it with minimal fuss,and you can store all your edits into scenes,you can also program the switches to control multiple midi devices on Multiple midi channels too if many of you have a multi keyboard setup so you can control several different Midi devices/Midi channels from within the same scene which is really handy,or control different parameters in either panel A or Panel B on the Nord Stage from the same scene on the Nektar,
you can custom program all the Switches with different coloured LEDs as well which is great for visually seeing what each switch is doing during the Gig and perhaps where down on the floor under your keyboard where lighting would be an issue to see whats going on,for instance I program any switch that is controlling any FX on the Stage 3 to have a Red Colour,which helps to remember what each switch is doing,you can also program it to have different colours depending on how it works so you can have one colour for when a Switch is On and another colour for OFF which is great as well.

I've found this to be a superb device recently for my Gigs as Its given me more control over switching things via my foot yet still being able to keep my hands playing,Its easy to program and a doodle to setup and sturdy and rugged that I have confidence it will hold up to the riggers of the Road,Don't be put off by it being marketed as a Footswitch for DAWs its ideal for that as well but I bought it to use as a standalone midi Footswitch.

I haven't seen any talk of it in here by other Stage Users so I'd thought I'd give a few of you a heads up on it,its perhaps a little pricey(I paid £199 UK Sterling) compared to other pedals like the Behringer FCB1010,but if some of you are contemplating purchasing the Nord triple pedal (Which is Around £130 UK) then its worth maybe looking at the Pacer as an alternative as you can program it to control the 3 CCs that the Nord pedal would give you anyway plus it allows you to further expand the Footswitch options rather than simply just sticking with the Damper/Pedal Noise option or a program up/Down alternative for live use,(you can still use the Nord triple pedal or a program up/down option alongside the Pacer if you already have either of those as well)as the pacer works via the midi In socket anyway,my only gripe at the moment was I wish they would have given it a battery powered option for on stage use,however It can be powered via either a standalone Power adaptor (which I'm using)or be powered via USB for those of you who maybe use a laptop live.

If your in the market for a Footswitch controller for your Nord then go check out the Nektar Pacer,Its a great tool for Live players

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Nord Stage 3 + Nektar Pacer Midi Footswitch Controllor


Re: Nord Stage 3 + Nektar Pacer Midi Footswitch Controllor

Postby maxpiano » 10 Aug 2018, 13:01

:thumbup: Very interesting device, thanks for sharing Adam.
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