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Loading PROGRAMS of Stage 2 ex into STAGE 3 ?????

Postby nordfjord » 08 Aug 2018, 10:09

I recently purchased a Nord Stage 3 after being totally blown away by the brilliant and gorgeous NS2EX programs such as the 10cc "Not In Love" layers, Van Halen "Jump" patch, Rick Wakeman Minimoog/Mellotron split, K. Emerson synths, mellotron splits/layers, Peter Gabriel CP80, etc, etc, etc.

Was MASSIVELY disappointed in the NS3 due to the absence of these and many other "classic rock" NS2ex programs. I was profoundly disappointed to the extent that I RETURNED the NS3 after my (admittedly inept/novice) feeble attempts to replicate above sounds failed. Got a "clearance" item NS2 EX-HA88 and am thrilled-except for the weight. Will of course keep for home use, but still really want a compact NS3 for band use. However, MUST have those NS2 sounds!!! Still, I really liked the expanded memory, new zones/"fades" and displays that I would like to try another one eventually, but ONLY if I can LOAD or recreate those FANTASTIC NS3 PROGRAMS. Any ideas on how to get them into the NS3?

Is there a way to load the NS2ex PROGRAMS into the Stage 3? Any and all help/suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Loading PROGRAMS of Stage 2 ex into STAGE 3 ?????


Re: Loading PROGRAMS of Stage 2 ex into STAGE 3 ?????

Postby analogika » 08 Aug 2018, 10:25


Samples (nsmp) and pianos (npno) will work; programs and synth presets will not.

You have four options:
1. Learn your equipment
2. Search the Nord stage 3 programs section of this forum, or ask for assistance there
3. Pay for readymade programs if they’re available
4. Stick with the Stage 2 series.

1.-3. can be applied in any combination. :)

FWIW, if you hold down “Shift” and twist any knob on the Stage 2, it will show you the value it’s set to.
Write those values down (and the samples/modes used) for the patches you need, and see what the morph does (for patches like the 10cc mod wheel thing), and see if you can transfer those to the Stage 3.
It won’t sound the same (the synth engines are very different, and the EQ works a little differently, and the Stage 3 is a lot more flexible while sounding brighter overall), but it will get you close.

And you’ll learn A LOT about your machine.

ALSO: Please don’t repost the same question all over the place. (Three times so far, if I see correctly)
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