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Re: What is the Warranty?

Postby analogika » 30 Jul 2018, 09:11

Clavia is a tiny company — fewer than thirty employees, total (including design, development, management, customer relations, sales, and manufacturing).

They are stretched quite thin.

Not an excuse for not handling customer issues in a timely manner (which is why those are initially handled by the local distributors), but an explanation of what to expect.
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Re: What is the Warranty?


Re: What is the Warranty?

Postby Lucky » 03 Aug 2018, 01:52

Some good News...

I contacted the Repair Station Nord suggested to make arrangement to have my Nord repaired.. I told them the problem.. He said, "Send me your Receipts." I did.. He called me back & said he was going to call Nord & try to get it covered under Warranty since it was so close to bein in the Warranty period. I said, OK.. I didn't ask for him to do that or expect Nord to cover it.. But a couple days ago I got an email & a Phone message saying Nord was going to Cover it.. As long as the problem with the Jack wasn't caused by some kind of neglect..

That was very nice of the Repair Staion.. I'm making arrangements to drive to L.A. & drop it off... I'll follow up when I get it back..

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