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Modular G1 Patches 1.10 -> 3.0 Editor !

Postby ohnovoc » 13 Jul 2018, 16:37

Hallo forum,

i´ve bought a used Modular G1 (Key), a very nice synth. :D

In the I-Net i´ve found much patches, some are made with 1.10 Editor.
But 3.0 Editor can´t open these patches, I first must "convert" them with the 2.10 Editor.
After this the 3.0 Editor can open these patches. (afaik)

I remember there was a tool that can convert 1.10 patches to 2.10 patches.
But I don´t find the site anymore. :?
Perhaps somebody knows this app and can point me to a working download / link?!

cut: I´ve found the tool/site again.
Works perfect.

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Modular G1 Patches 1.10 -> 3.0 Editor !


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