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Mixing organ sounds

Postby LeftyBass68 » 10 Jul 2018, 05:01

Greetings,new here.

Keyboardist for half a century in bands.

If I mix the Hammond sounds on this C2D in with the Farf sounds on this Stage 2EX88 I can sort of approximate the Lowery Festival that Garth Hudson used in The Band.
The reedy organs on this Yamaha TX7 also work fine in the lower registers for some 'bari' stuff Garth used to coax out of that beast!
I've had to mix them midi/line level to a summed mono Leslie preamp for some sounds to get the reeds spinning too,and keep those on an A/B pedal that routes to a guitar amp
for the non 'spinny' reed sounds.I do use the Nord sims too,on 'stop'. If I ever find a clean Leslie 103 bingo! I've got a 145/147 whatever already and the interface to use both!
Chest Fever will take on a nastiness only the real deal can provide! For the time being I'm adding the pre-emphasis echoes with a Boss RE-20 which isn't an Echoplex but will suffice.
I also do this with a Ventilator if the situation calls for this option.I never use the Nord slow or fast.Only stop thanks......and I'm a tonewheel Hammond owner(all of them).......

Overall I am impressed with my Stage 2EX and my C2D.
Previously played a Stage EX88 for seven years.
I'm always one model behind the newest and work still manages to find me.

This little one note mono synth sure gets it done though! Nice little footprint with a very familiar panel......

How would I divide two Yamaha FC7's used for expression controls and use just one pedal? At the moment the pair are latched together underneath AND pegboarded together up top
with velcro.Old school but it works!Too funny man.

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Mixing organ sounds


Re: Mixing organ sounds

Postby Quai34 » 10 Jul 2018, 06:55

Welcome to the Forum, new members from Canada are pretty rare, well, with 33 M of people against 330 M in USA and 550 M in Europe, that makes sense. From Quebec or where in Canada, Winnipeg maybe, I won't feel alone...
I have almost the same as you, but one model behind you, C2 (updated with the C2D engine and with two Ocean Beach Drawbars so, kind of best of both word between real drawbars and "led/presets shown" drawbars, and a Stage 2, non EX...
On your note about "Velcroing" two FC7, I didn't think about that because ine is for the Control pedal/morph on the left and one for organ swell on the right under the Stage 2 and the C2 is not on top of the Stage 2 but on the right side of it, but I did that with a sustain pedal.
I asked my tech to build a box with two inputs and 3 outputs, then, I could gave the same sustain pedal working on two or even 3 keyboards, I even use it with two sustain, one on the left for that kind of "note pedale/sustained note" when I still need my right feet on the triple pedal but also one extra sustain is on the right as well, more common position.
I don't think a box with two inputs for two FC7 will work but one Input and two outputs should, any idea? It might be the solution for me to control both volume of my P12 and P08....
Anyway, welcome again, there is lot of great people here, you will enjoy it for sure.
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Re: Mixing organ sounds

Postby LeftyBass68 » 11 Jul 2018, 04:03

Thanks for your reply,
I'm on the left coast.

I'll give the FC7 'split' a try.Might be nice to have a control pedal for filters and morphs etc.!
I am really enjoying the C2D.The keys bounce just right and trigger fast and high! Perfect!
The action on the Stage 2 EX is a little more articulate than my Stage EX.
I haven't played it for seven years I'll find out how durable it is.

Gotta say,the high level 1/4" out on the C2D is spot on perfect!
The levels match my Hammonds! Can drive a 122/147/760 Leslie just like the real deal
Haven't tried the 11 pin......but I will.There's an HL822 waiting for a replant into a 45 box here.

The Farf sounds need help but so did the original......a tube guitar amp usually will get desired results!
The Vox seems to have the same narrow bandwidth as the original.That 'hangover' vibrato is killer!

Haven't listed all the gear I have here,but I have a Roland XV3080 rompler,similar to your 'cleaner' full featured 5080.
I prefer the grainy sounds of the 3080.An old JX8P/PG800 stll gets a lot of play.I'm on my third aftertouch rail and second complete set of keys.
Bought it new in '83 to replace my Prophet5 that spent too much time on the repair bench......
Should have hung onto the TX802. Still have the TX7 and use it.

These Switchcraft cable connectors I'm installing on my Mogami snakes for the live rig are the only USA made items I use unless I bring a Hammond/Leslie.
I sure love the sounds those old mechanical EP's and organs make though,would be lost without our friends to the south in the electromechanical department!
My DI's are local(Radial)Speakers are Yorkville(Pickering ON)......

Tried a few Nord Electros and really needed more.....I see the newer one ( 6?) does splits and will 'stack' and plays samples etc. No controllers though.......
which is why I love the Stage models.They really have performing live nailed and more people are getting them now than ever.

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