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Classic Rock and other programs - Set 3

Postby WannitBBBad » 07 Jul 2018, 17:42

I just purchased a Nord Stage 3 and working quickly to recreate all the patches I had on my Stage 2 before selling it. Most of the classic programs are fairly simple, but I thought some of you might appreciate saving a little time with something to start with and tweak. Note that most of my programs use the control pedal morph even if only to bring instruments in and out of a mix.

All sample locations below 250 are pre-loaded Stage 3 locations that I don't mess with. Even if I delete samples from the stock collection to add space, I keep those sample locations open and load new samples in locations 250 and above. The programs below use all the "stock" samples except for my program using "WarmPad2_CL stereo 3.0.nsmp3" in location 254.

It doesn't matter which sample memory locations you store new samples in your Nord Stage 3, just make sure that after you load a program, that you point the Slot A and/or Slot B Synth to the correct sample in your system. For example, if you load WarmPad2 into your sample location 280 (254 in mine), then you just need to point Slot B to 280 rather than 254.

I'll revise this post as needed based on questions, so feel free to comment.
Take care.

Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" - Left hand B3 and Piano, Right Hand Strings, Piano, B3, and Vibes in sample location 156 (factory pre-loaded). The vibe volume can be brought down using the mod wheel as needed:
BSBornToRun W.ns3f
Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 72 times

Pure Prairie League's "Two Lane Highway" with Wurlitzer and Pedal Steel. The MP3 is a live version with our other keyboard player on Rhodes and then me coming in on the pedal steel:
PPL TwoLaneHwy W.ns3f
Pure Prairie League's Two Lane Highway by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 71 times

Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic" with Wurlitzer and horns on the control pedal. Turning on the other piano adds the "bass" note to the left hand based on the split:
SDPretzelLogic W.ns3f
Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 90 times

Crosby Stills and Nash - Cathedral. At a gig our guitar player sat down at my keyboard to play Cathedral thinking he was only playing piano. Standing next to him to sing, I slid the control pedal over and at times brought in a Cathedral organ and voices without him knowing - he was looking around trying to figure it out. We've known each for over 50 years since grade school, so that's allowed sometimes.
GLadyCathedral W.ns3f
Grand Lady D with mix of organs and voices by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 76 times

I put this patch together for a song by EastSouthern called "Whisper" - though it sounds heavy in effects, it fell right into the song well.
EastSouthern W.ns3f
Piano, Pads and B3 in deep reverb by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 100 times

Utility Program: My "go to" utility program is a good starting point for other programs. This has piano, strings, bass, and B3 organ with drawbars on the mod wheel. Slot A has all but the bass; Slot B has left handed bass and piano/B3 on the right. Listen through to the end to catch it all:
Utility W.ns3f
"Utility" program with Piano, B3 with drawbars on wheel, bass, and strings by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 95 times

I love the character of all of the Nord pianos on their own, but a combination I really like is Grand Lady D with BlueSwede slightly behind it in the mix. This program uses those pianos along with strings and the B3 organ with drawbars on the mod wheel similar to my "Utility W" program. The sample "WarmPad2_CL stereo 3.0.nsmp3" is used in slot 254:
Grand Lady D, BlueSwede, mix of strings, and B3 with drawbars on the wheel by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 85 times

Pedal Steel with aftertouch: A cool feature of the OSC controls is being able to tune up an octave and then have control to "bend down" the notes like a pedal steel. Though I usually like to play pedal steel programs using the left hand control of the pitch bar and mod wheel, these programs use aftertouch on the pedal steel to take the notes down a half step and have vibrato with a delay, freeing up the left hand for playing other parts. If you don't want to fade in the pedal steel with the control pedal, you can set the AMP ENV Attack to about 5 to fade it in:
BanjoPedalSteA W.ns3f
Program with right hand pedal steel with aftertouch sliding down a half step by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 94 times
MarimbaSteelAT W.ns3f
Program with right hand pedal steel with aftertouch sliding down a half step by WannitBBBad
(574 Bytes) Downloaded 65 times

Classic Rock and other programs - Set 1
Classic Rock and other programs - Set 2
Automobile Engine Revving Up - Synth Created, Not a Sample:
"Jump" by Van Halen
"Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland)" by The Who
"Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys
“Too Much Time On My Hands” by Styx
My Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
“Sara” by Jefferson Starship with percussion and other effects
SDPretzelLogic W.mp3
Sample of Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic - SDPretzelLogic
(650.88 KiB) Downloaded 464 times
Sample from live use of PPL TwoLaneHwy W program
(729.14 KiB) Downloaded 410 times
BSBornToRun W.mp3
Sample of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run
(229.81 KiB) Downloaded 530 times
WarmPad2_CL stereo 3.0.nsmp3
Sample - WarmPad2
(1.61 MiB) Downloaded 383 times
Sample of a program put together for a song years ago.
(1010.49 KiB) Downloaded 383 times
Sample similar to my Utility program with mix of piano, strings, and B3 with drawbars on wheel
(388.22 KiB) Downloaded 444 times
GLadyCathedral W.mp3
Sample of CSN "Cathedral" with mix of organs and voices
(487.58 KiB) Downloaded 415 times
Sample of Pedal Steel with aftertouch going down a half step
(268.9 KiB) Downloaded 463 times
Utility Program W.mp3
Sample of my "utility" program with Piano, B3 with drawbars on wheel, bass, and strings
(523.83 KiB) Downloaded 415 times
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Classic Rock and other programs - Set 3


Re: Classic Rock and other programs - Set 3

Postby brane » 09 Jul 2018, 09:46

... thanks a lot :thanks:
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Re: Classic Rock and other programs - Set 3

Postby musomarc » 26 Jul 2018, 03:41

Great work! Thanks so much

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