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Help with "Die Ärzte - Westerland"

Postby MoonMonkey » 30 Jun 2018, 18:55

Hey folks,

I wonder which organ (and wich settings) are used in this song (especially around 0:54):

Watch on

I tried a Vox with full registers, but it doesn't match 100%. Am I missing any kind of effect?

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Help with "Die Ärzte - Westerland"


Re: Help with "Die Ärzte - Westerland"

Postby analogika » 01 Jul 2018, 01:34

It’s more of a Philicorda of sorts.

I use the Vox with only the upper registers and vibrato.

The key to getting that part in the verse is that both the first one (G) and the second one (A) are major chords — it’s just the same lick, a whole note up. The actual sound isn’t really that important: I’ve played it with the Hammond sound from my Electro 2 for years, and everybody was happy with it.

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Re: Help with "Die Ärzte - Westerland"

Postby Hervshahn » 14 Jul 2018, 12:04

I'm playing this with the B3 sound of my NS3 as well, a bit "crunchy" with a bit of Drive (around 4). It's not the original sound but - for me and my band mates - the sound is more present and driving forward on live gigs. I'm also changing the drawbar settings from gig to gig the way I just feel it should be in that moment, which also makes it "less boring" for the other members of the band :mrgreen:
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