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Nord 4r MIDI CC Ranges?

Postby traumm » 12 Jun 2018, 09:19


Does anyone have a list of the 'ranges' for all the MIDI CCs listed on p.48 of the user manual please? I'm looking for something like...

Pitch Bend Range - 0 ... 64 ...127
Volume - 0 ... 127
Delay/Reverb On/Off - 0, 127

I've sent a request for this to Clavia but haven't heard anything back from them.

I remember this information was in the manual for the Waldorf MW2 and was highly useful for sequencing.

Many thanks in advance :-)
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Nord 4r MIDI CC Ranges?


Re: Nord 4r MIDI CC Ranges?

Postby starkaudio » 12 Jun 2018, 13:33

All midi CC values are a range from 0 t0 127 for all synths. (For 7-bit midi.)

On/off buttons use 0 for off and 127 for on.

Broad range knobs go from 0 to 127.

Knobs or buttons with a set number of options have their options divided equally between 0 and 127. Just divide 128 by the number of options and use that value to find the ranges.

If a knob has four options: 128/4=32 <- then the ranges are 0-31, 32-63, 64-95, 96-127

If a knob has five options: 128/5=25.6 <- not an even number so the ranges are 0-24, 25-49, 50-74, 75-99, 100-127 (you may have to tweak the boundary numbers +/- 1 but that's the general idea. It's not hard to figure out.)

From page 48 in the manual.

• Buttons that control “on/off” functions have a Controller value of “0”
at the “off” position and a value of “127” at the “on” position.

• Buttons that step through various possibilities start with a Controller
value of “0” for the “lowest” setting and then increment for each step
upwards. The size of the increments depends on how many possible
settings there are.
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