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Hard/Flight Case for Stage 2 HA88?

Postby tannymik » 17 May 2018, 17:05

Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a hard case or flight case for my Stage 2 HA88, as I'll be moving it either by plane or moving truck. I'm located in Canada and would prefer to get something local rather than order from overseas. Bizarrely, Long & McQuade (the big music store chain where I live) has a super limited selection of hard cases for 88-key keyboards - as in, they only seem to have 76-key cases! I would be super grateful for your expertise!

I have a multipart question:
1. Canadian Stage 2 HA88 players, if you have a hard case, what would you recommend, and where did you order it from?
2. Has anybody successfully used the SKB iSeries 5014-6 Waterproof Layered Foam Utility Case with Wheel to house the S2HA88? It says it's for 76-key keyboards, but I read one other post on the forum here where somebody seemed to be using a 76-key SKB case for an 88. The Long & McQuade website lists it as model # 3I-5014-6B-L with a 50.5" internal length (and the S2HA88 is 50.7").
3. Alternatively, has anyone used the Gator ATA Molded TSA 76-Note Deep Hard Case for the an 88 key Nord? The Deep case has an internal length of 51.25", so presumably this would work?
4. How about Casemakers cases (Multi-Caisses, from Quebec) - any recommendations or users of these out there?

Apologies if I'm repeating an old question, but it seemed like the most recent threads were from a few years ago. And if the person who used a 76-key SKB case for the Stage 2 88 is still around and sees this, I'd love to hear from you (especially if you needed to modify the case in any way!)

Thanks so much, everyone!
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Hard/Flight Case for Stage 2 HA88?


Re: Hard/Flight Case for Stage 2 HA88?

Postby DanielD71 » 17 May 2018, 19:39

You can ask for this case skb 3i-5616-kbd at Cosmo Music, it is one of the best music store in Canada.
Muiti Caisse in Quebec is also good but the flight cases I bought from them were very heavy.

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Re: Hard/Flight Case for Stage 2 HA88?

Postby Adams » 24 May 2018, 14:21

I had the Gator TSA76 for my Stage2 88. Was a great fit. I think there was even room for power cable and pedal...
If I remember rightly, it wasn’t even the deep version. The Nord is sooo slim compared to say, a Fantom 88!! Did Middle East to UK and back three times without a scratch.
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