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Stage2: USB comms locking on restart

Postby BruceV » 17 May 2018, 03:43

Hi, I write my own software, and I use a C++ program to control my Stage 2 for patch changes and the like. Connection is via USB. The program uses the MS multimedia library MMLIB. Problem is as follows.... If I have the program working fine, then close it and reopen, the USB commands are being ignored by the Nord. The fix is to unplug and reconnect the USB cable before restarting.

I've posted this problem on the MSDN developer forum, and responses indicate that my handling of the MIDI channels within my code is fine, including port opening and closing, and callbacks etc. All of this code has been in extensive use for years without problems, using MIDI adaptors, the problem seems to be specific to the direct PC-Nord USB path. It seems that one remaining possibility is that there needs to be some sort of closeout command to the Nord before exiting the program.

There is no hub in use, just a cable straight from the PC to the Stage.

Has anyone seen this before , or is aware of a fix? Thanks in advance.
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Stage2: USB comms locking on restart


Re: Stage2: USB comms locking on restart

Postby congoblue » 17 May 2018, 09:44

So when you reopen your program, does it definitely re-open the Nord midi device successfully?
It sounds like the driver/port is not being closed properly for some reason, so when you restart your program either it's silently failing to reopen the port, or it is somehow opening the wrong port. Replugging the USB would restart the driver and make all the ports new again.
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