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Nord Stage REV B (eighty eight) no updates possible no

Postby Riddler » 14 May 2018, 17:25

I am a new Nord User, I bought the Nord Stage rev b a few weeks ago 2nd hand. I tried various times to get support from Nord but I am already annoyed by those companies who give a s***, so I hope you can help me : )

I am a bit confused what updates work with the Nord REV B. When trying to open EX OS v6.06 I got the following message:

“Update Nord Stage EX OS v6.06” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.
“Update Nord Stage EX OS v6.06” is on the disk image “Update Nord Stage EX OS v6.06.dmg”

As it says on the website, REV A, B & C are the 1st extensions in the series of nord stage or am I wrong...

It seems I have troubles with USB as well (I work on mac 10.9.5), but maybe the right update helps...I tried with different usb cables and slots but just get a noisy sound when plugin in.

Also what sound libraries are possible for me to use with the rev B?

Hope you can help, the website is actually a bit confusing and there´s little information about rev a,b,c...they could do better in this case...

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Nord Stage REV B (eighty eight) no updates possible no


Re: Nord Stage REV B (eighty eight) no updates possible no

Postby maxpiano » 14 May 2018, 18:00

Hi Martin,

if you have a Nord Stage Classic Rev B then you should use the NS Classic OS updater and not the EX one you have indicated; you can find it at ... ge-classic (last version is 5.06, if you see that at Nord Stage startup then you don’t need to update)

On MacOS you have to right click the file and select “Open” then give an OK to run the application even if not from the App store.

With regards to USB, on NS Classic/EX it is used for OS updates and Programs upload/download via the Nord Sound Manager application only, so you can unplug it when playing if you get any noise.

Last not least, the only samples library you can use on Classic/EX is the Nord Piano Library.
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Re: Nord Stage REV B (eighty eight) no updates possible no

Postby analogika » 14 May 2018, 18:01

The "unidentified developer" message is one of OS X's security features. The update is from before it was built in.

To get around it, right-click (or two-finger click on a trackpad), or click while holding down the Control Key and select "Open" from the context menu. It will then warn you, but allow you to open the application.
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