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Loading sound card files onto card for NL/R2?

Postby Drumunkey » 12 May 2018, 21:32

I'm a bit stumped...

  • I've got a NR2. No memory card... yet
    I've downloaded the factory sound card zip files ( ... ory-sounds)
    I've tested sending a .mid file from MIDI-OX (PC) and can verify that the 99 sounds from the midi file do indeed seem to overwrite the sounds in the unit.
I'm considering shelling out the rather insane prices for a memory card on eBay to store these 4 extra "banks", but before I do I want to confirm that I'll be able to load these .mid files onto the card...

How does one DO that? Because to me is seems that just sending over the /mid file just overwrites the sounds in the system... I don't see an option or setting to tell the NR2 to "save" incoming .mid/sysex to the card...

So what's the workflow here to get these .zipped .mid files onto a card to access them later?

If I can't do that, then it seems pointless to get a memory card... Right?

I alllmost feel like I'm working on the synth equivalent of an 80's british sports car. :)
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Loading sound card files onto card for NL/R2?


Re: Loading sound card files onto card for NL/R2?

Postby chri5 » 14 May 2018, 09:20

I have uploaded sounds to the PCMCIA card on my Nord Rack 2 but a long time ago. It's very similar to how you upload the factory banks. I used Elektron's SysEx manager: ... #downloads

Edit this link is useful: ... tches.html
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Re: Loading sound card files onto card for NL/R2?

Postby ricard » 21 May 2018, 15:15

I used to have an NL2 with a memory card, and it was no hassle writing directly to the memory card. I think the bank number must be set in the actual MIDI file though, so if you have a MIDI file which contains sounds for bank 3 it will always be written to bank 3 on the card, unless you edit the MIDI file so the patches are written to a different bank.

So essentially, you can't really test this until you actually have a card, but once you do it's no problem, you don't have to write the sounds to the internal patch locations first before storing them on the card.

Incidentally, writing to the internal bank only writes patches 1-40, as the rest are in ROM and can't be altered.

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