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Latency with Midi clock

Postby Quai34 » 12 May 2018, 09:48

I'm waiting for the delivery of my first Drumbox (thanks to all of you who gave me great advices in one of my post named "do you use drum box?") for 40 years, the last one I had was a Korg KR55 that I was using in 1978 with my Hammind L100, CS15 Yamaha and Crumar Multiman S....
It's an Arturia Drumbrute that I found used in a store for a good price...
So, I'm going to use midi clock to synchronize it with my Prophets, on some Arp and sequences or even to any of my modules that have Samples and loop....
All my synths are connected to a Roland midi patchbay A880 and I have never felt any latency, when I'm triggering any of my modules from any of my keyboards....Knowing that it goes from the master keyboard to the A880 and back to any module...

But what about Midi Clock? Should I decide a set up where the midi out of the Drumbrute is shorter, like just Drumbrute midi out directly to the prophets? If I have to do so to stay put on the beat, I would loose the ability to synchronize my Drumbrute with the modules but also loose the ability to send midi notes to trigger samples of more realistic drums at the same time....

What do you think?
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Latency with Midi clock


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