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mounting brackets NORD STAND EX

Postby faranguizsalazar » 11 May 2018, 20:13

hi friends of nord, I'm Francisco Aranguiz owner of an ns2 and I write to you
from Chile !!! 5 years ago and my machine works perfect ... I am happy and
grateful for the excellent work they have done.

A couple of years ago I acquired the "Nord stand ex" but two weeks ago, I
moved from home and packed the pieces and lost the “mounting brackets”
that would secure the legs and that go on the bottom of the Ns2

I would like to buy them again, but my ns2 supplier in chile does not sell
those pieces separately and buying the full support again would cost around
€ 305 again.

Is there a possibility that you can help me with this? I am willing to pay
for the parts and shipping but not to run out of support and unused parts.

I am waiting for your guidance and response. Thank you very much for your
information, I hope you have an excellent week.
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mounting brackets NORD STAND EX


Re: mounting brackets NORD STAND EX

Postby markamft » 27 May 2018, 16:22

Hi Francisco,

I had a similar experience. I sold my Nord but the buyer didn't want the stand. I removed the legs and the supports but in my haste forgot about the mounting brackets. Weeks later, when I realized what had happened, I called the guy back but he had resold the keyboard to some lady out of state already, and couldn't find her number! So someone in Pennsylvania has a Nord with brackets.

Anyway I have had no luck tracking down just the part. But if I find a solution, I will try to remember you.
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