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City scapes Paris- Amsterdam

Postby Roland Kuit » 26 Apr 2018, 15:15

2018.04.25 23:00 C.E.T. Electronic Frequencies:

City scapes: Paris – Amsterdam

Sonic art and environmentals

Composer and sonic artist Roland Kuit has been exploring and broadening the language of sound for over 25 years. In search of new forms of listening Kuit started to create synthetic sonic environments in the ’90’s. Resulting in sound exhibitions in art galleries followed by publications in art magazines as l’Orbe and Avenue Magazine, Sound On Sound Magazine and WIRED. To free these sonic concepts from the traditional speaker boxes Kuit began the transition of his sounds into installations:

1/ Paris (for Orbe magazine nr. 9. Music machine), Roland Kuit,1998


Roland Emile Kuit is a composer of contemporary music whose works can be purchased at Ircam from the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris. This classical musician uses the flute, the harp, the bassoon, but also the direct sound recording (atmospheres of public places, interviews …). He also uses a computer with echo chambers with frequency modulation to work the sound as one carves the clay. The original audio CD of 20 ’32 “entitled Paris traces the wanderings of Kuit within this capital. The sounds of the Metro, the words of the students at the university campus, the winter and the melancholy of the lonely bassoon distorted by the computer are all distinguished.

2/ Amsterdam (for Avenue Magazine, uitgave #5 VOL.2 Amsterdam inside out), Roland Kuit, 1995


The canals as a blue waterline though this piece. Pigeons flying up and the sound of their wings morphing to the cadence of a street organ. The bells of the Wester tower and tourists. The Vondelpark and markets salesmen. F.C. Ajax football supporters and the harbor control. The water of the canals closes this city scape.

3/ Topographic City textures, Roland Kuit, 2018


Scanned city topographics from a morphed and annealed Paris and Amsterdam. Modified spectral sonic textures as a sonic landscape.

Concertzender City scapes Paris - Amsterdam
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City scapes Paris- Amsterdam


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