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Re: Clavinet playing technique

Postby Schulti » 04 May 2018, 12:16

JMStage2 wrote:The Stage 2 has a preset called "Raw Funk" which has subtle clicks set up in the synth section. I cranked them up and got a little that may be a starting point for others.

Meister-Lampe wrote:On the video it looks as if he gets his clav sound from mainstage. Maybe there’s the key..

No, the video creator himselfe stated in the youtube comments, that this is not the case.
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Re: Clavinet playing technique


Re: Clavinet playing technique

Postby CountFosco » 06 Jun 2018, 12:03

analogika wrote:A real clav has an extremely light keyboard (lighter than most synths). Hacking at it as if one where playing congas is as much part of the distinctive playing style as smearing is for a Hammond.

Just out of interest, in the process of learning an Incognito song (N.O.T.) I came across this vid of Matt Cooper on clav. Takes the conga playing analogy to another level.
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Re: Clavinet playing technique

Postby jazzystu » 07 Jun 2018, 12:25

I sadly sold my D6 and it's one thing I really regret. They are so bloody expensive now. The nord with wah is very good and very playable, even with the weighted keys. I can do 99% of the stuff I could on my D6. The missing 1% is massive and with the "straight sound" it's very very lacking. I used to run the D6 through a random old wah pedal into an old Keyboard amp. There was nothing gucci or expensive about where the signal went. The sound of the D6 was much fatter and richer. Even on the "spikey" setting (pickups out of phase) it had a playability and fatness that the Nord doesn't.

I don't know if I could go back to dragging a Rhodes Suitcase piano around again, but I do miss the clav. It's something Nord are wide of the mark with soundwise. I used a midi slave board to control the nord and it was good, but still not good enough. Velocity curves are the problem here. Nord needs to address these through some sort of interface.

Using a slave board and different curves, I could get Ep7 (Rhodes) EXACTLY the same as my suitcase piano soundwise. If I closed my eyes, it was the same thing. The Nord is totally different to play and it's not the weight of the keys, but the limitations of the velocity curves.
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