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quarter tone for some specific notes

Postby violonist » 28 Dec 2016, 13:47

Hello my friend , I would like to buy a piano and I am searching and I need this capability in my piano in order to decide. I want to ask you who have Nord pianos/stages. Is there any possibility to tune a specific note (for example note A) with -50 cent and keep all other notes unchanged? For example in Turkish or Persian songs this is a must. I read the Nord manual and is said it is possible to tune -50 to +50 but I think it means for all notes. I want to keep all note unchanged apart from all A keys tuned quarter tone. Thank you if you could just say if it is possible or not.
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quarter tone for some specific notes


Re: quarter tone for some specific notes

Postby Berretje » 28 Dec 2016, 14:42


That settings is for the whole instrument.
If you would sample a piano and transpose the individual notes in an audio editor and then upload them using the Nord Sample Editor. It might work.
Never tried this though.

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Re: quarter tone for some specific notes

Postby Mr_-G- » 28 Dec 2016, 15:55

The resampling suggested by Berretje might work (I did a reversed keyboard some time ago, uploaded somewhere in this forum), but you will end up with a single layer sample, and it will sound nowhere near the original multi-layered piano. It will be a lot of work too.
I think you need to look into another instrument that supports this kind of note by note tuning. I think the Kurzweils supported this, not sure.
Pitch bend tricks (like intercepting a MIDI stream and output the corresponding of a quarter tone down as pitch bend control when you press an A) would work for monophonic lines, not polyphonic ones.

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Re: quarter tone for some specific notes

Postby harmonizer » 28 Dec 2016, 16:54

A Roland XV synth can do this - I have used a +50 cent or -50 cent adjustment to a specific note in the scale of just one part, in a multi-part performance (a "Performance" on a Roland XV can have up to 16 parts).

I did not do this to actually produce a pitch that was not one of the 12 tones in the Western scale. Instead I did this to reduce the number of separate parts I needed to use within a single "Performance". There are some songs where I make multi-note chord sounds in my XV synth by pressing a single key on a footpedal MIDI controller, and for one part I needed to "invoke" pitches that were only a half step apart when pressing two "white keys" that are usually two half steps apart. I was able to shift a single entire part by 50 cents, and then apply per-note shifts against the two notes of +50 cents and -50 cents. This reduced by one the number of parts I needed to use, so I could squeeze in under the 16 part limit of a single "Performance".

I would be very confident that the successor to the XV, the Roland Fantom line, can also do this. I am not sure if Roland's latest synths can do this or not.

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Re: quarter tone for some specific notes

Postby maurus » 29 Dec 2016, 00:17

Higher end Kawais such as the MP7 or the MP11 can do a tuning for individual keys too.

Such a custom/microtuning option for .npno sounds is on my wish list for the Nords since a long time. This would be, for some, a musically highly valuable feature.

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